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D12 other songs:

Act A Fool lyrics - D12

Niggas bite what they cant be
The rich throw what they cant eat
Niggas you aint sweet
Coughin and gaggin
Often I'm braggin
Got a big dick to stop my pants from saggin
Waggin your tail like a fag in the jail
Keep _on the fucker like weed bags in the mail
Empty you vein like a sword to flesh
You niggas rap about nothing like Lord Finess
(This is bugz)

Let me know
You niggas was shoot or start a scrap
You think they wanna shoot?
Ill put a bullet through they starter cap
This a about every niggas that i beat up
Stomped unconscience
Smacked with tha heater
Fuck you
Bugz dont give a fuck about your feelings
I blow your shit out like I gun hustle Simmons
So hide your knot when you walkin up my block
Niggas smack you with the glock
And take the money out ya sock

Know to act a fool
And wild out when we buzzin
Always rumblin
Roudy niggas dirty dozen
Cold blooded but album hotter then a oven
You want beef? What niggas start sumtin

Its Proof the total package
You total wackness
The fact is
You need a life time of practice
Im active bouce in the coupe
To the _
Found the foutain of youth
?Mudon? is countin on Proof
_ survival blaze _
Before armageddon snatched the prof
Out the bible
Kill a rival with the impact of a rifle
And ring the blood out ya
Before_ crypt and my disciple

Man lemme tell what type a nigga I am
Im the type of mutha fuckin that write rhymes that kill niggas
Im the type of nigga that niggas cant fuck with
You know what im sayin? That what type of nigga I am

You the type write away gone write a million rhymes a day
Come back around the way and sound the same ol entire way
Bugz will grab a brew and drink a proof from Mary J
And bust a freestyle that sounds better then yo tape
You style is bitchy, I have a harder time with Missy
Yo whole set up sucks like Monica Lewinsky
I can cop a seed and read a dictonary first
And kill you with a rap full of words
I just learned!


Activity As Phuctivity lyrics - D12

Check it out
This is my shit fo real
Its gunna be off tha hook
Peep this out
The Kon Artist nigga

[Kon Artist]
The Kon Artist born liar
Lie to your pops and moms
Tell em Im a good kid
Catholic raised
Knowin i went to public school
And sweared and got blazed
Even weed when i got a whole two
And that bitch I did do it
Steal cars Ive been through it
Done that
Played buddy buddy and rob ya like nigga run that
Bum cat, and bone hood rats till they bleed on my floor mat
Nasty nigga, make ya beleive that im a classy nigga
But im far from that average joe that you know
Use people for sheilds at shoot outs
That i started, cold hearted
Runnin reckless peep out your shorty till my neck twistin
Infectionist, poisonus bug we all ruff
Showed your daddy love or slugs
Could have tortured him, told me that he didnt wanna die
We still forced him
Fuckin peeps has his bat, when we brawled they fled
Now we layin dead with his chicked head like Dirty Fihed
Come battle us with your heat and stabbed, nabbed and gagged
Jabbed and dragged and thrown inside of a bag
Your fans been had, bamboozle, run em up
But you loosing credibility the miniute _ and up

So fuck that stank bitch with the saggy ass titties
Fuck all the niggas that dont represent our city
Fuck JLB they dont play none of my shit
Fuck all them niggas that be suckin our dicks

Sicker the tuburculosis
Pack a cannon with a focus
Thats killin all the players and the coaches
Embarrass you in front of company like dirty roaches
Approach this and get served the situation, hopeless
Wrote this, jot it down cuz Kuniva wrote this
The wild animal rhyme colprut
Ferocious, closest
Nigga walkin behind you with a dosage
Of teffifyin tales that be stompin small soldiers
The grim reaper dipped in all black like folgers
Packing four heaters and carrying five holsters
Suppose if i was to let you put up all your posters
Let everybody think you was the dopest
I'd rather strike you quicker then the cobra
Box you up and sold ya
Take you underwater and hold you until its over
I told you once you dumb _ with a blunt
That be pullin off the dope fiends selllin tha _
Get your ass kicked quicker then punts
Im sick of you punks
Cock it back now Im upset
Yo' niggas next
Im blowing smoke outta ya chest when it connect
Creepin like insects and ridin with ten techs

Ahh fuck any D.J that dont play Bizarre's shit
Fuck your sister I dont like her she dont suck dick
Fuck that nigga that talk shit to my crew
Fuck all yall niggas who say I dont like you

Im a brand named guy
Who loves to stay high
Got a ten inch dick and the gun the same size
A bitch named bitch
Whos thick with grey eyes
Who loves to suck dick and get hit by eight guys
Its Bugz bitch, you the fuck you thunk it was?
Gettin drunk with drunken thug
Too fucken numb to feel the buzz
Yall niggas know the image
No gimmicks, No timids, no manners, and no limits
This time, bitch, Im goin all out
Whippin the four out
Like get the dough out
Im miss crime, sick individual
Ask my peers in middle school
If you walk my way home gettin robbed is like a ritual
Lyrical giant, tyrant who lies _
Just to get you to do what I want
And bitch you will
Sit you still, tie you up
Begin to ill
And destroy you face, Im with some shit that u can feel

Fuck all yall niggas who say dirty dozen's dead
Fuckin your new wife in your brand new bed
Fuck your chicken head she suck dick anyway
Fuck anybody who say crime dont pay

Heard enough garbage to make a glad bust
Add just my magnum beef I had enuff
Snuff the sweetest mc in this camp tribe rivulry
To be as live as me keep em quiet like a library
My rhymes are virgin tight
And not fuck-with-able
You find the mic suckable
Without chicked pox, untouchable
Peep my _ aint to be tested
Ill test the globe and rip through your domestic
Majestic warrior to rap to win
Knock the _, and slap the chin of the aggresor
Thinkin that they fresher
Wanted conquest holdin down the one sided contest
That explosive rappin nigga
The fans wear a bomb vest
Style be a eliquit
A fellow pimp to mant with clips
Fuck _ kicks and being skinny with zits
Im the shhhhh, _
Like cane in a crack pot
I thinks its best you act right
Ill confirm your death, left the morgue _
D-12 is blowin up like the fourth _
I whisper far well to my granny
Till I push her down the stairwell
And im sendin her care mail
Like get well you old hag
Ill bring the pain like a blow fag
Staplin one his gonads to his sock
Doin jumping jacks
Once we put you down bitch their aint no comin back
Remember that

Its the big guy, quick to get on you
Battle? I'll be glad to shit on you
Come against my crew and see who gets destroyed
Fuck I'll let you bring bats and brawl some of my boyz
Shady ass niggas wether drunk or sober
Bizarre that was demo tape you just recorded over
I dont give a dam bitch Im just to ill
Gimme ten pills y'all run across the Lambo Field
Like bitches _ , _ _, think of the illest line know
And I bet you i already said it
Just forget it, cuz you niggas pathetic
Pop shit, yall niggas go and get it
Beat your ass hang ya with this fuckin mic cord
Fuck the sword, I quote my raps in billboard
Suck my dick while I laugh like its funny
And drive off while she yell
"Where's my money"

Fuck any body who beef with d-12
Fuck all yall momma their pussy's smell
Fuck anybody that wanna bring tha beef
Fuck all yall hoes that say my feet stick
Fuck them niggas that dont give us radio play
Fuck takin a bath i dont wash anyways
Fuck anybody tryin to be on our team
Fuck all yall niggas with them weak ass dream
Fuck all them niggas watchin videos to be rappers that their not cuz they cant rock the fucken spot
Fuck all yall niggas with them dirty ass shoes come in the club like your dope and your singing the blues
Fuck anybody tryin to kiss our ass
Fuck all yall niggas who wont cut my grass
Fuck all them niggas who aint getitn no money
Fuck all yo' hoes who wont let me stick their honey
Fuck all the girls who aint givin up the sex
Fuck all you niggas and im askin whos next
Fuck anybody wanna battle my crew
Fuck, Fuck you, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck you
Fuck anybody wanna get down with _
Fuck all yall niggas sayin you cant feel my mommy
Fuck you mommy
Fuck your daddy
Fuck your gramma
Fuck his caddy
Fuck your people
Fuck everybody
Fuck his girlfriend
Fuck John Gotti
Fuck the Mafia
Fuck _
Fuck New York
Fuck Detriot
Fuck New Jersy
Fuck California

Amityville lyrics - D12

(kill kill kill)
Dahh-dum, dahh-dum.. dum
Dahh-dum, dahh-dum, duh-da-da-da-da
(kill kill kill)
Dahh-dum, dahh-dum.. dum
Dahh-dum, dahh-dum, dumm..
(kill kill kill)

[Chorus: (Eminem)]
Mentally illll from Amityvilllle (ILLLL)
Accidentally killll your family stillll
Thinkin he won't? God-damnit he willll (HE'SSSS)
Mentally illll from Amityvilllle
{HE'SSSS} - [on repeats only]

I get lifted and spin til I'm half-twisted
Feet planted and stand with a grin full of chapped lipstick [SMACK]
Pen full of ink, think sinful and rap sick shit
Shrink pencil me in for my last visit
Drink gin til my chin's full of splashed whiskers [whoosh]
Hash whiskey and ash til I slap bitches [smack]
Ask Bizzy, he's been here the past six years
Mash with me you'll get in imagine this

[Chorus 2X]

I fucked my cousin in his asshole, slit my mother's throat
{AHHHHHHHH!} Guess who Slim Shady just signed to Interscope?
My little sister's birthday, she'll remember me
For a gift I had ten of my boys take her virginity
{Mmm mm mmm!} And bitches know me as a horny ass freak
Their mother wasn't raped, I ate her pussy while she was 'sleep
Pissy-drunk, throwin up in the urinal (YOU FUCKIN HOMO!)
That's what I said at my dad's funeral

[Chorus 2X]

That's why the city is filled with a bunch of fuckin idiots still (still)
That's why the first motherfucker poppin some shit he gets killed (killed)
That's why we don't call it Detroit, we call it Amityville ('Ville)
You can get capped after just havin a cavity filled (filled)
Ahahahaha, that's why we're crowned the murder capital still (still)
This ain't Detroit, this is motherfuckin Hamburger Hill! (Hill!)
We don't do drivebys, we park in front of houses and shoot
and when the police come we fuckin shoot it out with them too!
That's the mentality here (here) that's the reality here (here)
Did I just hear somebody say they wanna challenge me here?? (huh?)
While I'm holdin a pistol with this many calibres here?? (here??)
Got some registration and just made this shit valid this year? (year?)
Cause once I snap I can't be held accountable for my acts
and that's when accidents happen,
when a thousand bullets come at your house
and collapse the foundation around and they found you
and your family in it (AHHHHH!)

[Chorus 2X]

Dum, tahh-dum.. ta-dah-da
Dum, tahh-dum.. ta-dah-da
Dum, tahh-dum.. ta-dah-da
Dum, tahh-dum.. ta-dah-da
Dum, tahh-dum.. ta-dah-da
Dum, tahh-dum.. ta-dah-da
Dum, tahh-dum.. ta-dah-da
Dum, tahh-dum.. ta-dah-da

B.N.U. lyrics - D12

Hey... boys and girls and all you dirty heads out there
Lets take a trip to the world of D12
The hardest Boy Band in the world
Straight from, (Detroit Michigan)
Come on follow us, come on

If I could just take you through a day with me and you
Then you'll see what I can do, when I do what I do
And I bet, you will not bother me like you do
Cause you find you would rather spend your time B-N-U
(B N U, B N U, B N U, B N U)

[Mr. Porter:]
You think you know it all, don't you dog all about my life and all
While I'm poppin this Vicodin and drinking all this alcohol
All up in these clubs throwing up like I ain't got em' all
But that's just what you see when you see me hanging with Runyan nem
It's funny when, I'm busting my ass gettin them money nem
You ain't never round helping out but soldiers come to them
Runnin to them, wantin 30 niggas long when
You call me to the door I told 'em leading all your friends
And then they talk behind my back again I'm back to doing smack again
I'll have another baby cause safe sex I ain't praticing
Logic by the sleezy sleeze being fake ain't being me
It's just your misconception of perception when you seeing me


I ain't gotta like you dude, plenty of time to fight you fool
Arrogant? This might be true... smack your bitch - slightly rude
Running from the white and blue for blowing up a bible school
Let me show you what this rifle do, to ill I got a license to
Nice of you to think I'm not, but I'm ill this is true
Poppin pill, shooting guns, going jail - I'll shit on you
Yes I'm [?] touch the wire, fuck and bust a nut in Mya
Kelly didn't touch that girl, then again I'm such a liar
This is me all day, you rubbing me the wrong way
Listen what the song say and pass the fucken Bombay
Andale on the overplay for the underplay
Ondre is more Swift with gunplay, one day
I'm proof next I'm Harry techs I carry on the runway
It's necessary that my sex is very nongay (hey!)
D12 we don't play with them gays (gay...)
Blame it on our momma this the way we was raised!


[Swifty McVay:]
They like to know what I can do, they ain't got the slighest clue
Question my integrity, I mean it nigga who is you
You better be prepared for beef, we don't need a new recruit
We blow a hole inside a nigga bigger than a hulahoop
See I know the business who the hell you talking stupid to?
Fuck you up (fuck you!) have your face looking like a rubix cube
You can walk the hood with me we can take an acid break
All you gotta do is choose, tablet nigga have a drank
Dabble with it rob a bank, (Man this shit and new to you)
What the fuck you niggas think I can shoot as Muslims too
Nigga hey, what about the pretty bitch you call your wife?
I'mma hit it nigga I been sucking titties all my life
Stealing shit and starting fights pissing on yourlawns at night
We hard to get along with stay ornery like Dolamite
Nigga you can be polite, I don't talk to people right
And so does the rest of us, you hating us cause we alike


Hey boys and girls, taking drugs is real cool
Hanging out in the news acting like a damn fool
It's the big guy with the shower cap kicking sicks raps
Talking bout fucking kids in the ass crack
Nevermind Bizarre... you know he's on medication
Smoking weed, drinking brew - third grade education
All in your house, blunt in my mouth
Call you a bitch... and pee on your spouse

Look, I don't like the chitter chatter that's for faggots if it mattered
Then I'd have to splatter rappers just for acting - target pratice
Time for action I'm Kuniva
The wet Vagina finder
So nevermind you rhyming chumps
You might see me behind the pump
And yes it damages I put niggas in bandages
And yes I love my pistol like bizarre loves all his sandwiches
Business is strenuous you fucking with some geniuses
Some many people on my nuts I wonder how my penis is
Girls approach me with bodies like Venus and Serena-esess
I turn 'em down my wife would kill me if she ever seen the shit
I mean the shit, I'm silly man, I'm smart, I'm really ignorant
I'm innocent and guilty at the same time, go and figure it


Bad News lyrics - D12

Brigade jump on a couple of punks
Nigga, we bad news
(We bad news, nigga)
To beef for real
If you step our way it's on
Anybody, everybody (Oh shit)
Come on
Brigade jump on a couple of punks
That's how we're moving it moving it moving it
To beef for real
If you step our way it's on
Anybody, everybody (That's right)
Come on

[Kon Artis]
We breaking every rule in the book
Illegal crooks that got your mind shook
Kon done with spells up
Poisonous cook
The Kon Artis
Make way for the hell raiser
Mysterious neighbor
Cuttin throats with broke Coke
Bottles and rusty razors
I ain't the one to save you in a crisis
I kick you while you're down
Snatch you up and ask you who's the nicest
Better say me
Or I'll put your next to some vice crips
And squeeze until they lifeless
I stayin confidence with my mind
About being good or evil
I'm deceitful
Lethal when I leave you
Dead inside your blood brother
When your hand for help reaches out
We just chuckle
Now where the fuck of how we is as individuals
We raise wrong
Politics and poverty got us head strong
You dead wrong
If you think you'll make it out with all your limbs
Grab your camera
So we can put this on film

Don't get cut into hundreds over some dumb shit
I advise you to run quick cuz we run this
Guns click on the reg reg
Put MCs on they death beads
Either that or leavin' 'em walking on peg legs
In various locations
I'll be wylin' out at places
I'm why they're running out
Of handicap parking spaces
Intense dreams
You want suspense? It's endless
How I massacre crews
Leave you solo and friendless
Contact lens less then lifeless
The trifest MC
You never wanna fight with
Or rock a mic with
Carry a knife with
Da Brigade on the night shift
Pack this big dick that I use to fuck your wife with
You ain't the nicest
Derelicts with intelligence
Leaving your grill wide open like pelicans
Just wait
My words penetrate through your vertebrate
Til it snap your neck brace
And crack your chest plate


[Kon Artis]
You studies wanna job like assets
Rough is ready to start teaching niggas
In ass whippin' classes
Breaking glasses
Damage crews by the masses
Shit talking like Cassius
Get in your E-Class and dash bitch
Kon Artis
The only man that can expand the cervix
With the tip of my bone
Get in your girl and keep fucking
Until she starts screaming "Leave me alone"
Walking predacone
Looking for weak grade to set it on
From dusk til dawn I bomb
Went through hell and remain calm
The devils to stir us to fight me
Just to see what type of shit that I was on
Those bastards is why they got burnt
And turned into crisp XXXXX
With lyrics hotter than lava comes
It's urgent
That she splurge with
Before I merge with
Kuniva will make ya nerves emerge and split
Heard me bitch
You weren't worthy with the mic
Is why I snatch it
And people think and praise with words that I like
With things that I say on you
You need someone to spar with
Put you in the back of my trunk
Get in my car trick
Running with nothing but thugs
With the fug
We more dangerous than L.A. cops with big clubs
Who's arresting you when you're drunk
You sick munk
Spitting up bills scriptures and gumps
Till you punks get the picture
Get it?
If rap was a whore you couldn't hit it
I make it my business
Twenty four seven to try and stick it

Gotta get it
I gotta give it to you non-stop
Bombs drop lyrical warfare we onslaught
Dead bodies rot
We making your body rock
Licking them off like lollipops
That the shotty pop
Kuniva snatch rolex chains, watches and anklets
Dissin' the stank bitch
Packing heaters to make you thank quick
Now ain't this
Something you don't want a piece of
Don't worry about waiting these ones
Chillin' with me buds


Bane lyrics - D12

Uh, I feel no pain
Uh, I've got my mask on
Uh, I'm numb to the world

[Hook - Mr. Porter:]
The devil out to get me, moving pretty fast
Head on collision, I'm tryna avoid the crash - (Pain)
I'm running from my past - (Bane)
That's why I wear the mask
These blood sucking leeches, all they want is the cash
You don't get the picture, it could be gone in a flash - (Pain)
I'm running from my past - (Bane)
That's why I wear the mask

[Verse 1 - Mr. Porter:]
Hope you bought a package of Kleenex (yeah)
Package the rejects (yeah)
Actually it’s a fact that we shack in the p-jects
Naturally a rat pack will attack cheese (huh)
That’s why I’m in yellow and green
May I tap, trap all these (uh)
No I don’t trust these hoes, nigga (uh)
Say they love you for you then turn into gold digger (Bane)
What the fuck you ask me for a dollar for?
Shooting the gym? I ain’t ballin' ho
What I look like, any baller you know? (Bane)
Yup, shots fired, callin' it kettle
Black shit turned the pot higher
Eyes tired
Keep trying to sell me a smile, but I’m a hard buyer
Keep shit movin' like a car tire
What you want a necklace
I’ll make you a chain out some barbed wire


[Verse 2 - Swifty McVay:]
I got his Earth on my shoulders, real life for rappin'
If you threw the planet at me I’d headbutt it and crack it
On another tax bracket and I been cleanin' my house
But my old habits are in the attic, I’ll pull 'em out
And keep reminding y'all you ain’t got it all
Devil keep pulling me by the drawers
Not at all amazed at these haters
You’ve seen my catalog
Speaking and we keep flying over 'em like a cannonball
Think I’m this comical, swag follower
Just rhyming over beats
While these leakers suckin' all of us off (hell no)
Still got your mama covered in vomit in my cellphone
Y'all really got me fucked up
What you mixin' up in that cup?
What the hell you sprinkle in that blunt?
.44, make him sober up

[Verse 3 - Bizarre:]
I got an addiction to all these prescriptions
Need an intervention, someone to listen
Catholic or Christian, fuck your suspicions
(Bitch! Gimme my molly and stop bitchin'!)
Turn it up (turn it down)
I be blowing on half a pound
Pass it around and pass it around
Merry go-round, merry go-round
She say she love me, but this bitch is ugly
(Shit, you ain't even know it)
I'mma still let her fuck me


[Verse 4 - Kuniva:]
They say the devil is a liar
Nigga don't worry 'bout that loud mouth
Bumping his gums and babbling
Watch for them quiet niggas
On the real, you should come ride with us
Crew full of riders; Optimus
My back, seems like you got your facts all crossed up, no Swastikas
Fadin' in and out of my consciousness
Tryna fight this feeling I’m conjurin'
That's why I wear a hat so low with a mask
Really feelin' like the Lochness
No bullshit, these bitches are more grimy
Doing a nigga real slimey
Had my little homie stretched out, death untimely
Need I remind me? Hold up
Yo, don’t get doped up
Heard rumors that niggas wanna clap at me
Well actually, I was just over there
Niggas ain’t really do jack to me
That’s why I keep this mask on, straight face
Only thing that’s missing is my [?] get my Runyon Ave soldiers


Bring Our Boys lyrics - D12

Your fakeness is atrocious
post is deep in your hypnosis
then focus
roll this
and smoke this
like L's
of that bomb-ass herb thats gaurenteed to rock bells
a hiphop refugee like Praswell
Travelin citys
pimpin babblin biddys
game trump tight and solidified
to get rid of spies
know what I do to guys
shootin and spittin lies
I'm banished in exisdence
vanishin any instences
brandishin sentences
proovin repentences
the only way to see me, dont miss these
me and my crew smoke so many trees that
I piss leaves
never _my bitch please
but keep smokin my system, roll blunts it's all tight
on an off night
I still smoke like exaust pipes
and bust a universal flow
and blow your wig back like niggas with toupe's
drivin a convertable
and further more
I run the board
your shit is played and the way you fell off you coulnt bounce
back with a bungee cord

Bring your boys in
we can bring the noise in
[repeat 4 times]

My crew is like a maze
put fear like ex-slaves
who wanna step to this microphone and think that they brave
dozen always startin the fuckin beef
I don't care if your from Kansas I'm killin the fuckin chief
back the fuck up I'm releasin my dumb-dumbs
tell your whore stop pagin me 9 1 1
I'm the star
that they call Bizarre
smokin blunts with Mel Far (??)
in my brand new car
_wanna see me
even if I was in Arizona I'd still request iced tea
Bizarre don't give a shit about you
on top of the mountain ain't nothin your bitch-ass crew
can do
sick emcee that they call Peter
treat your crew like an unexpected meter
fuckin more shit than Howard Corsell
Butt-fuckin Jassabells
in nasty hotels


How you think your crew sound compared to this
it's the team that your entire clique scared to diss
demandin attention when the glock sound
y'all niggas to be murdered like Jeffery Daumer on lock down
I'm brown like Bobby, pullin hoe's like whitney
Take your title, kill your moms so you won't forget me
lips sealed nigga I might blow important plots
whoever fronts is gettin done like Micheal Jordan's pops
sure I'm number one translator my fame dirty D
y'all niggas gettin hung like this was 1933
got word of me
now flee
cause you don't got a chance
death is 3 easy steps so now we gotta dance
so look away
dont play
with the style master
I love killin beef so I kill a whole cow pasture
lyrically I'm sick, ill everything but sober
my nickle plate pack the _ jackin fool get fucked over

Dirty Dozen is the clique so I ran over and lit cha
ripped the ass right out ya pants like a Dovermin Pincha
like the cobra and ninja
my intentions to injure
and prevent ya
from enterin from the edge of my center
or get your muthafuckin pants split at the creases
fuckin you intelectually givin you menatly sexually transmited diseases
my duty is to keep a strange abard (??)
I guard my sector like a Saint Bernard
and this ain't the yard
Bringin the noise like a trigger happy gun slinger
droppin your whole clique with one finger
til none linger
beware of my dogs attackin like a pack of Great Danes
chargin like freight trains
through the great plains


Chance To Advance lyrics - D12

[Gun shots followed by screaming]

Pow-pow! Straight off the corral
Now, the dirtiest street vet from the mile
Is vexed without the techs and six shooter
Body bullet polluter, perverted intruder
Now who the, fuck wanna buck with the diseased, that's dis-eased
I got a bitch named trigger, my main-squeeze will make your brain
Dirty D is dope like cane

Remained eased, maintain chill status with no pause
Hot slugs to your carriages, turn your dome to coleslaw
My only thought is survival before my arrival
I'm jumping out on niggas like I'm 5-0
Smack 'em up like a pack of trifling fly hoes
Any opportunity to mangle I never pass up
Fucking your clique with broom sticks - face down, ass up
Dirty Dozen packing the shit to turn your chest red
With our dick in ya mouth, fucking everything you just said

Yeah yeah bitch, coming to a block near you is Dirty Dozen
Nasty like a stank, slut bitch with 30 husbands
When I was 5 I was already fuckin'
And playing X-rated cassettes in Teddy Ruxpin
I used to walk up and down the block cussin'
Locked in youth homes at 6 with glocks bussin'
I grew up with not ballers, who got dollars
Shot callers with guns and Rotwillers

By any means necessary I'm on a killing spree
It's the devil in me, intoxicated with brown Hennessy
Beware life ain't fair and I don't care
Cher braids my hair while her kids are in day-care
Two blunts and I'm out for lunch
Your whore said I'm here "Sugar pie, honey bunch"
This Bizarre kid, that ain't the answer
You're more uncomfortable than an anorexic cat with fucking cancer

Here's your chance to advance
Get in your stance I'll shot the holster off your cowboy pants
Here's your chance to advance
Get in your stance I'll shot the holster off your cowboy pants
Here's your chance to advance
Get in your stance I'll shot the holster off your cowboy pants
Here's your chance to advance
Get in your stance I'll shot the holster off your cowboy pants

Back from the studio boy, I don't wanna mingle
Smoking LSD, working on Lou Roths new single
Who's the big guy who's quick like Sugar Ray
Fuck Calgon bitch, Bizarre might take you away
Give up the pussy cause I know you a freak
?? in a week, cause my kids got to eat
Date raping anorexic girls in my beat-up car
(Hold up Bizarre, you taking that shit too far!!!)
but I can't stop cause my brains ain't there

Bust a nut then drop that bitch in Lake St. Clair
Your mistakes ain't rare, your rap style annoys
You rap like a bitch plus I can't stand your voice
Bitch you suck, you whack as fuck, eat a dick
You need a brick upside your dome, we be the clique
Runnin' you down in carloads
Leaving you smashed down on tar roads, flat line like barcodes

Put up your guard hoes, I'm blazing heat the way we speak
Not even Nike could cover these amazing feats
Burning rappers eternally, internally and externally
For half stepping like one-legged fraternities
Quickdraw McGraw, AKA Eye-Kyu
Putting something inside you, leaving holes that I see right through
For anyone obstructing my view, my art of attack
Is slugs through your chest, that'll blow your heart out your back
Making sure you get fed, with a whole lot of led
And throw you over the Ambassador Bridge and scream "Drop Dead!"

Largely, I'm out to stack equations, without a tax-evasion
Make moms say "That's amazing," all the same like black and Asian
My pack evasion, attack a stage and you blush like a Cadillac,
I wish your fleet would try to battle rap,
Or make a man bleed, like a cattle pack stampede
Front and co-sign my hands leave
Think to Recognize like Sam Sneed
My ?? dispose ya, froze ya, another classic closure
The death-master out to blast ya
My team runs shit, from from the D E side, down to last ya
Past the, norm, my crew swarm, molest the children of the corn
Dirty D 'till infinity, now bring it on

Here's your chance to advance
Get in your stance I'll shot the holster off your cowboy pants
Here's your chance to advance
Get in your stance I'll shot the holster off your cowboy pants
Here's your chance to advance
Get in your stance I'll shot the holster off your cowboy pants
Here's your chance to advance
Get in your stance I'll shot the holster off your cowboy pants

Cock And Squeeze lyrics - D12

Gimme some hash
and when i trip nigga gimme ya mask
then after that lend me your mack and gimme your cash
that precious thing you call a life ill put an end to fast
get in your ass if you want have to leave and eagle mack (??)
you want a see-through class
dont take much to read you class
you broke as fuck and on the bus cuz your Regal smashed
this shit is lethal _
battle me i keep you mad
put you in a sleeper ,drag your ass to the reaper's pad
either _
or feel the wrath of my heater that
lyric punches makin meters blast on your speaker rack
crib, club or anywhere where theres people at
they love my tape they couldnt care where they leaves yours at
your girl's a rat
tell that ho im not gonna beep her back
dont need her black
got too many other needer-rats
who heater fat (??)
i bet your gal aint fuckin with my gat
im holdin lyrics sendin vocals at you locals cat
gone black
your more whack
than a gold sack
you shown dat
when you flowed
that's a known fact
clone rap
suck a MC broad
need to pick another field, go out and find you a job
or either go out and rob
rappin' aint to function
you out of place,
like a 2 of heart and 2 of diamond in a game of spades
while my innovative ways
set your lyrics to a blaze
put a grimace on ur grave
im in the Guiness on a page
of history
puttin sucka niggaz out they misery
its not a mystery
my victories are bodacious
it wouldn't matter if the judge is racist
and i was battling your aces in your bitches bassment
im un-fuckwitible
thats literal
face it, the general
with senses of a senitle
holdin on my genitals
right before i send tha fo's (fools)
down the earth like minerals
even after centerfolds
in videos, my ego goes
in cagnito hoes
from mosquito rolls
mean and biter
i hope you niggaz catch a case of arthrita
you aint no writer
it still dont even have a spider
Idea when you need me , we gonna worst turn into fighters
yea yea bitch
ya muthaphukkin biter

Cock And, Squeeze, Bust
Dirty Dozen dont fuck wit us

Detroit niggaz roll deep
hold heat and talk slick
yea yea bitch
stay off my dick

[Kon Artis]
i should tie you up and keep cuttin u wit a knife
and sit you in the alcohol bath for the night
and watch you strugglin strainin squeal for your life
dump a radio bumpin your demo when your bad for da life
thats what i take from you
meet u in fake humble
attack your foundation until it crumble
its me and my dog be on stumble (??)
go _but stayin in tha right mind
just to blaze a track
to _or fake individuals that rap
screamin up your bootleg like they scared and shit
knowin that tha Kon Artis come prepared with clips
fuller then male scriptures
you watch u take pictures
notes and write down quotes and how i rap and get witcha
told u niggaz before we got much to gain
nothin to lose, curuptin the lives of all rules
tie em' up and put him in situations to hurt him
tie him up to trees and shoot poisonous darts at him
with venom in it to murder him
servin' him right
D.P. Kon Artis, swervin tonite
we rock from state to state
and city to city
you make a siss like a faggot tryin on silicon tities
and nobody wanna size D bra
_die wit side shit give it to y'all glit caught raw (??)
raw raw raw raw raw

Cock And, Squeeze, Bust
Dirty Dozen dont fuck wit us

Detroit niggaz roll deep
hold heat and talk slick
yea yea bitch
stay off my dick

I turn a hard nigga yellow
and make his ass faster than a cheetah
don't blaze no blunts
but i blaze them thangs
amaze ya gang
wit bullets i rattle your frame
whos that_
stay suburban tusslin'
playin dat 3 digits
before cusslin (??)
bustin twin glocks
on your block
yellin my name loud puttin rhymes inside your mailbox
infared dots
caught your dreadlocks
waitin for tha cops
and tell him that ur ass had beef wit Biggie and 2pac
hot lead to flesh
shot, bled to death
like Red and Meth
You need to Hoop Up
Soup Up
for battlin war
that on the more
i spattle ur horse
got battle dates on your tour
show up on you
battle on ur encore
_ wit dis shit
on ur mic grip, you might slip
hang it up
hit like Sonny _
peace to _
rock til the early morn'
this shit is on
i got da problem fiend fiend problems
my crew mugshot D12 uglier than the green goblin
i bring fear too
horror, near u
a fact why nobody wanna hear u
your whack bitch!
what the fuck you thought would happen?
when bullets start collapsin your frame
maintain or bring pain
freestyle fanatic named Pete
fresh off the paper this one turn ur autovapor meat
MC the extrordinair
steppin on ur bunyan
screamin 7 mile bitch eastside come from Runyan
hold down your fort
snort like cocaine
Richard Pryor
i clap more clips than a liver squire (??)

yea yea bitch what the fuck you thought
y'all niggaz get caught like saught im incredible like the hulk
why settle for _nigga
P-R the letter "O"
my sex is hetero
cash checks like federal
yo hedero bitch!

Down Low lyrics - D12


Yeah... This is dedicated to the big broads.

I'm involved with this lady and she weighs 380,
And she barely can fit in my Mercedes,
She's takin' my dough, my bank account, lookin low,
And I'm bout to throw her ass out in the snow,
I buy her burgers and steaks, and all type of stuff,
But KFC and Ponderosa's just not enough,

Dowwwnn Low
Fat Ho, keep it on the downnn low
Don't you be tellin your friends,
Keep it on the dowwwn low, fat ho
I thought KFC was enough,
Keep it on the Dowwwn Low, Fat Ho
I gave you all my food,

You came to my place high off Picardi
Had to learn to strip dance to my boys bachelor party,
She gave me head and broke my bed,
And there's really nothin else to be said

Now keep it on the Dowwwn Low, fat ho,
Keep it on the Downnn Low,
I'm tired of shoppin at MaryAnne Plus,
Keep it on the downnnn low, fat ho
Supersized combo,
Keep it on the downnn low fat ho,
?? a very fat ho ??
On the downnn low
You had to go and steal my cheese curls

Keep it on the Downnnn Low [Repeat x 2]

You gotta stop pagin Rico
Federation Records aint got my little ??
Keep It on The Down Low

Fame lyrics - D12

[Eminem - Intro]
Ayo, I know it's been a minute
But were back!!!
It's the return of the Dozen Muthafuckers
Lets goooo

[Hook - Eminem]
Fame, fame, fame
I think it's got me going crazy, ooo-ooooh
I getting lost in this game, game, game
I'm getting tired of all you naysayers, ooo-ooooh
Keep speakin' my name, name, name
And you'll have reason to hate me
Its like you don't want me to win
So this time I'm going in

[Verse 1]
This the life of a rah
Jager-meister and vodka
Hopping off at the club's balcony into the crowd surfing
And when they drop me, I'm randomly socking fans
During my interviews, hocky masks, left the journalists on her ass
I'm high off Speed, driving my car at high speed
Pocket full of weed while lesbians swollow E
In the studio ignant, my engineer gon' call police
I feel asleep on the sound board, ain't did a song for weeks
And it's ? all up in my head, giving thanks for grateful dead
Bussing in the air with 30 bitches up in my bed
I'm kickin' em out naked, and its December
Niggas ask me why I did it, but fuck it I can't remember

[Hook - Eminem]

[Verse 2]
Them boys are wildin'
Drinkin', cussin' and hyper smilin'
Been ridin' for days, tour bus look like Rikers Island
Henny, Jack Daniels, spray painting a die hard fan
Little cocker spaniel, fresh outta the damn zoo
Man you, better be concious I'm backstage living it up
With a couple of sluts feeling nauseous, drinking
It's been a couple of days since I've slept
My dick is sore from fucking, when I bust there's nothing left
Just Dozen, back on the stage
Give me my microphone
Scrapping with the audience while we perform hyper songs
Our label presented us with a plaque
Brought it on stage, and bash it to pieces with aluminum bats, thanks!
Now which one of you bitches down for the cause
Yeah I said my dick is sore but I ain't say shit about my balls
Last call, then we off to the next city
Whatever I didn't drink on my rider, bag it up and take the rest with me


Yeah this game has got me going crazy
Fuck it I am crazy
Whats new, what kind of fucking glue you think I'd be if I was glue
We lost Proof, he was our groups glue but where was you when we were fallin' apart?
You were shittin on us too
But no one but us knew we were beefing cause that's what happens
When you beef with crew, it stays in your crew
Cause its just crew, but were back now
Yeah we took our time but we punched through
Only thing were in a hurry for now is to rush you
And we back to say shit you don't got the guts or the nuts too
Pussy, go pick your pussy leaves off your cunt tree, fuck you
Atchooo, bless you
I'm allergic to pussy, sluts too
Yeah you think you're the shit till we flush you
Have some bullshit to readjust to
Now there's just a few of us left but it'd be unjust to rob us our just dues
So Rest In Peace to Bugz and Proof, this ones for you homies we love you
But we can't stop now we'd have too much of our blood drew from this fame


Filthy lyrics - D12

Fuck fat ass nasty dirty niggas
FILTH, Shit, Fuckin filth yeea
Ayo my style bust holes in the earth
Crush the crust by the dirtiest
Be the specializing in stoppin breathin
My legion a bleed man whether you belive in
Heaven and Hell
Make your grill swell it aint hard to tell
I work spells or wicked like _
Put _ head first, the round bursts another victim

Nah man the boy pick em, stick em

Hands on the half shit, I'm fillin my glands full of acid
Two hands full of ass dancing with Angela Bassett
Make plans for the casket
Your head lands in a basket
A dead mans in a plastic
I got red hands and a mass of fits
Yeaah Em
Fuckin rap pervert, I serve dirt
My sick thoughts get all mixed up like rainbow sherbert
Get every nerve hurt, spot a mic and walk toward it
My whole click will beat your fuckin ass and camcord it

Somebody hide my too many hoes on my dick
Smoked all your hay who wants to start the crucial conflict
Im the big daddy smokin blunts in cali
End up doing a drive by at the stay in school rally
Stop Stop knockin cuz aint nobody there
Hoes with AIDS I still fuck bare
Cuz I, I just dont care
Ill enuff to fuck up all your dental care
When Bizarre Kid comes through you better yell may day
Or you was havin good times like Dynamite Kujo _

[Kon Artis]
Yeah Yeah Bitch I get helmet from stank crack heads
And read my kids horror stories when I lay em to bed
Ridin bikes butt naked
Gettin freshed by police men
Fuck christmas this is take a gift season
Beatin kids up for no reason
Take lunch boxes and all
Get em high off mushrooms
And play a friendly game of dodgeball

Battlin the dirty dozen that dont pay
You god dam right punk stay outta my way
[5x then fades out]

Fuck Battlin lyrics - D12

[Kon Artis]
You wont last long like weed in brass bongs
Just another fag on sum sad bitch ass songs
I shine sober cuz Bugz is a soldier
Beat that ass like Roy Jones
If ya _
Doin the randisco at a disco with a big hoe
But the stupid bitch from Sisqo now she wont let my dick go
Bugz a stupid niggas, take a shower with my pistol
Walk up in you warm brown bag and with sum _you
Its simple see Im from the D like Eric Hippo
Sick son of a bitch
Robbin a nigga in his pinto
Got my gun on my hip
Sum in the clip one in the chamber
Its danger Fuckin with this super powered stranger
Fuck a battle we brought knives, niggas and guns
Beat your ass and run
Tryin to catch a case for fun
Bussin at the po-po high off weed speed and coacoa
Pumpin Makaveli, heavy handed with my fo-fo (4-4)

bomb like Sadan, split america in two
The wrap all around your haed like Erika Badu
My issues, miss use, human inatomy
Tearin your flesh and you muscle tissues
Knock em out _then check em in
And stand firm hold my nuts waitin on your second wind
The nine shot, punch you in your naval and rip your spine out
Talkin bout you run this shit when u got no legs
Plus you all booty like Jennifer Lopez
D-12 in a _, work these
Scratch the skin off your back like fur theives
Grab your throught like a nurse squeeze
Make the earth freeze
Stick you for a lifetime like herpes
Challenge Evil Canivel
_ jumpin in a Regal
Challange _Riggs
and being lethal
Challengin fiends
and stealin aluminum siding
Challenge eminem
smokin dope while hang gliding
Challengin hit field hunkies
To a square dance
And climb Mt Everast blindfolded with my bare hands
Aint no fair chance
Dirty Dozen run the D
If any one want beef
Then Come to me

Fuck battlin we on some gang shit
Duck quick cuz u niggas might get hit
United we stand, United we fall
I swear Dirty dozen we gunna kill all ya [Reapeat x 2]

10 seconds kiss you ass good riddance
Tell them niggas i wasnt bull shittin
We could fight like a kung fu flick
Choose you weapon
Shake hands
Knock you ass out in 10 seconds
Bizarre needs a concellor
I have shitted on so many M.C's
_should be my sponser
Have _ rob ya for your diamonds and pearls
While im in the next room havin my way with your girl
I swear _, any mc up in here
My niggas pop so many guns you swear it was new years
You gunna need a _when my friend battlin you
Pop shit my gangs on Runyan Avenue
You niggas aint crooks plus you all shook
Have you mom suck my cock while i read playboy books
I aint sayin im the illest mc
But ask 10 outta 10 niggas and 10 gunna say me

Fuck battlin we on some gang shit
Duck quick cuz u niggas might get hit
United we stand, United we fall
I swear Dirty dozen we gunna kill all ya

Ass gripper and shit talker
Got a love for dynamite like Jim Walker
Jim bean, and have your missin like Jim Hoffer
Caughin, ill be slittin your trought for thinkin of talking
Love beef thats why half the click _
No love for hoes but I shit i fuck em _
May as well give em the dick
Shit on em
And when they ask why i aint called em
I just tell em im sick
Same shit i tell every chicken head that i bone
They dont beleive it but they know i got a fetish for chrome
Pushin cats in wheel chairs down flights of stairs
Startin fights with chairs
(Some body died!!)
Like we care
Invite bitches to go hikin with me
Up a mountain
Throw em off
And tell there moms she died from skinny dippin in the fountain
Mr. Porter stay live on wax
While you throw records into crowds just to say you have a hit track

Im the alcohlic
Bring catastrophy to others
Make you see murder like master p's little brother
Flatterin punks, shattering junk
Get your cavity _
With the force of a rim shatterin dunk
Now u wanna be thuggish ruggish
So im a let a slug hit
And call you broken bone
And if u got a crew
Im a name em after you
Fractured bone, neck bone and funny bone
You cant flash when all your moneys gone
Ill give you a 30 minute head start
Fuck that ill even wait till its dark and hunt you down
Swing an axe and watch how many dumb thoughts
Leak out when your head parts
Fuck your automobile to me its just a red car
_now for me you ass clean outta existance
In an instant
Ill fire persistant
Shots consistant
_terrorizing your block
See all these niggas when i step in the club
Im bringin them
And any niggas lookin to hard
We Rodney King'in em
Malice Green'in em
And gasoline'in them with premium
Light a cigarette flick at him
And spit it at him
Hold up a picture of his family
And kick it at him
Boxin with out gloves
Deeper then glee clubs
While you stand in tha back and look mean like E-Luv (??)
Cant no other crew stand us
Put my hands on you quicker then a nigga playin two hand touch
Yo Kuniva in the ruggedist
Hop in the truck and hit everybody on your block
Jump out and cut a bitch
Another truck i gotaa put a stain on
In the middle of the street screamin bring the pain on

Fuck battlin we on some gang shit
Duck quick cuz u niggas might get hit
United we stand, United we fall
I swear Dirty dozen we gunna kill all ya [Repeat x 2]

Get Back lyrics - D12

Get back, get back
You better get back, get back, back

You better get back, get back
You better get back, get back back [repeat both lines 3x]
You better...

Doin a box of doctrine, on stompin oxygen
afta 10 wit fork to your optic lens
Hittin wit a sudden force
Leave your boy layin in the same puddle of blood as yours
When I flood his porch
Smuugle a gun in court and shoot the judge
Easily reduce a thug to a future scrub
A double-deuce wit slugs, I'm Proof on drugs
We'll turn you to a rapper that we used to love
How you on medicine cabinet pills
Grabbin the steel, leapin over buildings that haven't been built
I'm not the best yet cuz I haven't been killed
I'm laughin at you faggot-ass rappin for deals, you better

Get back, get back
You better get back, get back back
You better get back, get back
You better get back, get back back
You better get back, get back
You better get back, get back back
You better get back, get back
You better get back, get back back
You better...

I'm disappointed in my dentist appointment
He only gave me the fuckin gas for thirty minutes this mornin
Went to the hospital to get a chest X-ray
Checked out the next day in a dress wit a sex change
I'm havin a bad day
My fuckin dad's gay, I hate fags, and I'm fuckin mad cuz I don't have AIDS
All I want to do is die
I tried suicide six times and couldn't even do it right
Collapsed, had a relapse and called three cabs
And had to be dragged back to rehab wit bloody kneecaps
Enrolled myself in a twelve-step program
Tripped on the first step and got pinned down in a chokeslam
I swear to God, this 'Pac poster comes any closer
I'm kickin this whole fuckin wall over
Two more shots and it's all over
I'm all over this wall, tryin not to fall over

Shots in broad day
The bitch shouldn't have been in the way
Me, Shady and Mike fuckin a hemaphrodite
My little sister was a virgin till late last night
High off a kite off of stick of sherm
Put your mother in a full-nelson while my boys take turns
A unibomber tryin to escape this country
Tell O.J. he better be comin up wit my money
Bizarre goes commerical? Nigga, you can forget it
Bitch suck my *dick* that is the radio edit
I'm quick to smack the shit out of a foe
I ain't had pussy in a while, I'm too busy fuckin assholes
Battle me, you better go eat your vegetables
I'm iller than a Muslim eatin a pork hotdog in African festival
This shit is serious, watch me sniff 'cane
Avoid the pain and fuck a bitch barely potty-trained

Get back, get back
You better get back, get back back

You better get back, get back
You better get back, get back back [repeat both lines 5x]
You better get the FUCK back

"Get back" [cut up and repeated]